Statistics with SPSS: May 16th, 17th and 18th, 2017


Statistics with SPSS: Managing your Data - May 16th, 2017
Statistics with SPSS: An Introduction to Data Analysis - May 17th, 2017
Statistics with SPSS: Linear and Logistic Regression - May 18th, 2017

Cost €250 per day, €450 for 2 days, €600 for 3 days

Booking on-line will be available on this page shortly

DAY 1:  STATISTICS WITH SPSS: MANAGING YOUR DATA (09:00 to 17:15 with 1 hour for lunch)

Understanding project variables

Data coding and data dictionaries

Importing data to SPSS from Excel

Data manipulation in SPSS

Data checking and editing in SPSS

Descriptive statistics

Tabulating and graphing of data

Data management and archiving


DAY 2: STATISTICS WITH SPSS: AN INTRODUCTION TO DATA ANALYSIS (09:00 to 17:15 with 1 hour for lunch)

Sampling and study design

Describing associations and measures of risk

Hypothesis testing, statistical significance and confidence intervals

Statistical tests for two groups

Statistical tests for more than two groups

Non-parametric tests


DAY 3: STATISTICS WITH SPSS: LINEAR ANDLOGISTIC REGRESSION (09:00 to 17:15 with 1 hour for lunch)

Introduction to simple regression

Coding and categorical variables (dummy variables)

Model checking and residual analysis

Introduction to logistic regression

Model checking and the Hosmer-Lemeshow test

Model building and variable selection 


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